The Apprentice

Welcome !

Thanks for popping by…..

When the pupil is ready………………

I hope,  if you are reading this,  that you too are on a spiritual journey – Be it like me,  as a spititual apprentice or  as someone who has already established a strong connection with spirit

and the angelic realm.   I wanted to create a site for those of us still trying to find our ‘spiritual feet’, somewhere to share our experiences as we make our way to greater to spiritual awareness.

A site that would welcome the more practiced amongst us to act as our earthly mentors, to share their teachings and wisdom.



Things that makes us go Hmmm!

I also  want this site to be a celebration – to remember and share the ‘Things that make us go Hmmm!’

To share the things , whether great or small, that bring us pleasure and make us thankful.

The things , whether after a day in the office, after the school run or after a day stuck at home, we have a moment of heaven on earth.

For me , it can be that first, lovely glass of cold white wine on a Friday night ,  a delicious morcel of  food,  a lazy lunch on holiday ( or anytime actually) , a sea view

or a unexpected hug or kiss from my Hubby, a friend or my family


Flying without Wings

I  still consider myself a Rookie and to be honest I’m not sure where this journey will take me.

For me,  deep down, there is a knowingness and on a daily basis,  an increasingly feeling that my angels and guides are omnipresent.

I certainly don’t profess to be all knowing- quite the opposite!  But I am open to learn and what I learn I’m happy to share with you.



So I hope you will join me, on this our journey, to spiritual awareness


Much Love

LA xx