Take Five

by The Spiritual Apprentice

We all face pressures on our time, on our thinking  and physically as we rush from one commitment to another.

These pressures can be internal , pressures we place on ourselves through from over commitment, over thinking, to fretting on what to get Aunty Annie for Christmas. Let alone all the external pressures placed on us by our children, elderly parents, partners, work and so the list goes on ….all vying for our precious time and energy.

So living in the moment  and ‘taking five’ in our day can often seem elusive and counter intuitive , something we just don’t have the time for! But actually it’s the opposite- it’s essential.

Pausing in the day , taking a moment out to slow down, regroup helps to reduce the Adrenalin, and quieten the mind and by doing so helps us to get all those things done with more ease and joy.

To quote Gabrielle Bernstein ‘Universe has your Back’        ”


In every situation you have two choices: Will you learn through fear or will you learn through love?

This is a powerful reminder that in any given moment we can choose peace. In the present moment we can lean on our faith of the Universe instead of the faith of the world…….


We live in a world that supports drama, terror, separation, and hardship. We’ve been guided to believe that without pain we have not accomplished or achieved. …Pain does not equal purpose. Your purpose is to be joyful. Your purpose is to live with ease. Your purpose is to surrender to the love of the Universe so you can live a happy life. Accept the purpose of love, and your life will radically change this instant

I have really taken this on board and when I feel overwhelmed I take five minutes out, close my eyes. take some deep breathes and ‘lean into love’.  Its a small, simple action but it’s impact is profound.

By taking a bit of time out of the day for some deep breathing and vitalization will help not only stop you running around like a loony but more importantly help rejuvenate mind. body and soul.

So take five minute now and

  •  Take a few deep breathes,
  •  Visualize and feel the warm soft  healing pink light of love ….of self love, Universal love
  • Breathe again and open your heart and soul to the universe and let the Universe fill you with loving energy.
  •  Take a moment to absorb all the love –  feel the energy running through you , send love to everything that is causing anxiety in the moment.
  • Feel any blockages or tight energy dissolve in the loving light – watch the anxiety fade away
  • See the pathway ahead opening up with ease and clarity
  • Take some deep breathes, smile, knowing that you are loved and supported by the Universe beyond your wildest measures
  • When ready open your eyes.
  • You will now feel refreshed and energized. ready to take the next best step with a happy and lighter heart.

This is a great little exercise to do where ever and whenever you feel the need.

( I often do it in a toilet cubicle and hope my angels don’t mind!!)

Wishing a love filled day

The Spiritual Apprentice




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