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by The Spiritual Apprentice
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Have been mediating and painting alot this week and so after a hard week at work , I at last tool the  lovely Carole Bromley’s advice and asked for my spirit Guide to come through.
So while meditating the other day , I asked the question and was trying to visualise my guide, the name Nathaniel came in to mind .
I dismissed it at first as my just imaginings, so meditated a bit more and asked again and Nathaniel came through loud and clear.
Never heard of Archangel Nathaniel so was a bit sceptical and so looked ‘him’ up on the internet and lo and behold !
” Archangel Nathaniel resonates with the element and energies of fire, which are purification, transformation, transcendence, prosperity, protection, cleansing, motivation, passion and enthusiasm…………….Archangel Nathaniel encourages you to consider your true wants and desires and to be very clear about what you want to manifest into your life. Nathaniel then inspires you to move forward with your soul mission and turn your passions into reality in your life. Nathaniel helps you to manifest your goals, dreams and aspirations. Nathaniel can also help you to identify your life mission and soul purpose ” Joanne Walmsley
I wish I had a pound ( or dollar lol) for every time I use the  word ‘coincidence’ lately  ……… So Arch Angel Nathaniel , lets buddy and get this show on the road
Love to you all xxx

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