Grace and Duende

by The Spiritual Apprentice
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livingwithpassion_fmI recently came across the word ‘Duende’, the Spanish word for Spirit / Ghost / Possibility and rather liked it. Apparently its used in relation to Flamenco Dancing – the power and the passion, Even As a girl I loved those dancers and had post cards of them on my wall. But for me, what I took from the word Duende was a sense of the ‘Infinite’ –  the power of possibility and potentiality.

Another word that I keep coming across is ‘Grace’ and as coincidence would have it (and we all know about coincidence) on a recent trip to Barcelona, I visited a fab restaurant called ‘Con Gracia’ – Spanish for ‘With Grace’. And on the very same trip, I was lucky enough to visit the Academia in Florence and saw the statue of David, in its marbled magnificence and  on seeing him, I was struck by the the words elegant, serene…graceful!

So as my new friends ‘Grace’ and ‘Duende’ keep tapping me on the shoulder, I have decided to respond and embrace them. I have let the idea of them roll around my head, absorbed them into my spirit to see how they fit and guess what, they fit really nicely. They feel like a warm, soft, comforting blanket and in the envelope of their security, I have decided, to just ‘Let go’…………….

For a while, a good while, I have been praying, wishing, screaming at Spirit to hear my prayers. I’m sure, like any benevolent parent, I have tested the very realms of their angelic patience with my constant ‘Can I, Can I, Can I’. But equally , like a demanding child, I have grown tired of hearing  the sound of my  ego and so have decided to trust and  let go!

I have always believed in Spirit, even if from time to time, I have wavered from the path,  and fallen out of  flow, but I have always had that inner sense of knowingness, and that sense that my angels are by side, on my side, I inherently know the angelic realm  loves and protects me and in its essence wants the best and most for me. So I am going to try and let go of the angst I place on myself and my spirit guides to continually provide the answers, the solutions and the evidence for all my angsts, needs and concerns.

Instead of asking, I’m going to  listen and with grace, I am sure they’ll lead me to my ‘Duende!

Much love xxx


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