The Awakening

by The Spiritual Apprentice
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Today I died ………well I thought I did.

Having been restless most of the night , I dragged myself from my bed  to the spare room where, eventually I fell into a deep sleep.

During this heady sleep, a bright light appeared in the darkness – a brightness so startling I couldn’t define a face or shape but somehow I knew ‘who’ it was.

A presence, a celestial being, an angel.

It had a message and  the message was clear – I had to make a decision and I had to make it now!

I was asked whether I wanted to ‘pass over’,  the presence was here to collect me  or to stay.

I had a choice- If I closed my eyes I would be gone and if I didn’t …………..

Confused and unsure what was happening, I awoke , unsure what realm I was in.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pinched myself hard but felt no pain.

So I pinched myself harder – I dug my nails  deep into my skin – but still I felt nothing.

Was I alive or dead?

Looking for clues, I looked around,  the room was in place, but still I couldn’t distinguish whether I was an earthly  plain or some other plain.

I popped to the loo,  the cold seat quickly peeked my senses –  I must be still be alive.

Surely, heaven wouldn’t be filled with freezing cold loo seats?!

In fact, on another plain,  would I need to pee at all?!    I started to warm to the idea I must still be on earth.

I got back into bed and looked around the room, familiar but not convinced.

If I was in heaven it sure didn’t look like it – no fluffy clouds,  angelic choirs, ethereal beings.

A couple of hours later I got up and did the normal things one does on a Monday morning – Shower, wash hair, pull together some lunch, and drive to work.

Even in the car I was still  unconvinced I was on earth.

Then at the traffic lights, I saw a Rainbow

A bright, beautifully coloured rainbow against a clear blue sky.

As much as I had been startled during the night,  I was now instantly reassured,  filled with a sense of  joy and peace and a knowing-ness –

a sign from the angelic realm, letting me know that I was indeed on earth and all would be well.

After a day at work ,  still feeling somewhat discombobulated, once home I needed to talk to someone , some like minded,  someone more proficient.

So I called my gypsy friend Anna , she would know , with generations of clairvoyants in the family, she would be able to read the signs.

 So in her I placed my trust, and asked my questions.

She told me  I had a strong faith in the angel realm – and although I feel/ felt that my angels and guides were not hearing me or listening to my prayers,

they were by my side and had been waiting for me to come and work with them.

So that my friends  and my dear angels is what I intend to do.

Through my writing,  I hope I will be able to guide ‘fellow apprentices’ to and on a similar path.

I have no idea where it will take me , what will be revealed but I have faith and trust – I have faith and  trust to listen to that inner voice , that angelic whisper.

So I hope, fellow apprentices and those more practiced, you will join me on this a shared journey to Spiritual awareness.

Much Love

LA xx


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