Reiki Attunement 1 – We’re all Angels with Wings

by The Spiritual Apprentice

man with sunlight bursting

Feeling the Love – Reiki Attunement 1

Have just spent the day with some lovely people , doing Reiki Attunement 1

I didn’t know what to expect but have left  with an over riding sense of well being, love and light.

Still basking, cocooned even with a sense of  Peace , Grace ( that word again)  ,

and a warm , brilliant , beautiful  white light emanating all a round me, even now

Glorious winged creatures omnipresent – We’re all Angels with Wings


Feel compelled to channel the following so here goes ……xxx

My Pray : So while I’m  in this connected state , I kindly I ask my guiding angels and ascended master to step forward and open the right path for me going forward

And to bless me with insight and the security of knowing  and  wisdom to recognise what the right thing to do is,  in the moment in which it needs to be done


 Angelic Response :

Lean into light energy and lean into love as this will be the root of all.

Only from this space,  will your intentions manifest,  flow with the energy around you, and like a leaf floating down a river, follow the path of least resistance.

Be gently  guided by the flow of the river, the energy life force, as you bumble along your journey.

Set your intentions and like a dandelion clock , let the stems gently float off on the summer breeze, up into the blue sky and infinity.

Worry not where the stem will land or when it’ll land but know its gently being guided to its destination

Only remember the love energy with which you set your intention and  worry not about the form in which it will manifest.

Let the Universe take care of the form – just send the intention with love and it will be matched with love.

Remember, Angels, Ascended Masters only want the best outcome for you

But you need to create a space in which they can create the magic and do the work on your behalf.

You need not work so hard –so let them do the planning, organising on your behalf

In trust and faith allow the universe to return that love to you in the best form possible.

In a state of grace, listen with your heart, listen with love, and most importantly listen to your intuition, the whispers and your imaginings

As these are the signs and gate posts that you need to follow and that will lead you to the path of right outcome


Much Love from them and me 😉 xxx


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Bev Pace 19/11/2016 - 5:48 pm

Wow!! What a very powerful and amazingly insightful sounds like you really did take on your angel wings today and are truly learning to fly. I feel extremely privileged to have attuned you today. You are a very beautiful soul and very loved by me and the heavenly realms.
Much, much love and many blessings,
Bev xxxxxx

reiki attunement near me 10/02/2018 - 6:47 pm

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